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Over 3.5GB (unzipped) Of 24bit WAV Drumloops with BPM Information


This Huge Pack Includes :-


1239 Full Drumloops

482 No Kick Drumloops

85 Shaker Loops

174 Breakbeat Loops


The main brunt of these top quality drum loops is in the BPM range of 124bpm-138bpm but some of the loops go as slow as 120bpm and as fast as 175bpm


Genres included are :-


Upfront Dance, Rave, 90's House, Deep House, Speed Garage, Garage House, Bassline House, Organ House, Piano House, Donk, Bounce, Soulful House, Happy Hardcore, Makina.


*Please note that this pack is (almost) entirely compiled from every single one of the drum loops in the other packs on this website, all collated into 1 bumper sample pack*

24bit WAV Drumloops

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