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Master Chain Project Template For Electronic Dance Music


This Project Template features a FULL master chain using only Ableton stock Plug-ins. This Project requires the standard version of Ableton. This Template was created on Ableton 11


This Template shows you how to use:-


Glue Compressor

Multiband Dynamics


EQ 8

Limiter (2 instances)


The plug-ins are already set in the correct way 


Simply drag your unmastered track into the Project Template and have your track fully professionally mastered right inside of Ableton


Make sure to have your "pre-master" volume at -8db at it's loudest part


We have also included the Project File which has a demo song inside to demonstrate how to use the plug-ins & presets. 


This Download Contains The Following Files:-


01. The  Practice Track In Pre Master Form in 24bit wav.

02 . The Bounced Out Completed Track In Master Form in 16bit wav.

03. The Master Chain Project File which includes a Pre-Master already in the project to showcase the settings.

04. The Blank Master Chain Template (ready to drag your song into)

Ableton - Master Chain Project Template

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